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Settle streamlines the life settlement process by appraising your policy, gathering you multiple offers, and getting you cash — fast.
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*Eligibility for a life settlement depends on various factors including age, health status, and policy details. Not all policies may be eligible.

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The easiest and fastest way to sell your life insurance policy.

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Receive a competitive offer from our network of buyers, ensuring you get the best value for your life insurance policy.

Simplified Process

Settle simplifies the life settlement process with an efficient, user-friendly platform that takes the hassle out of selling your policy.

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Designed for efficiency and security, allowing you to navigate the sale quickly with ease, confidence and peace of mind.

Why a Life Settlement?

Just as with real estate or fine art, a life insurance policy is a valuable asset. Understanding its worth is crucial before any decision-making.
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*Example from a 71 year old male with a $1,000,000 Life insurance Policy

Client Stories

"I was skeptical about a life settlement at first, but Settle put my mind at ease with their transparency, expertise, and commitment to getting me the best possible deal."
Age 69
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"Settle has been a game-changer for my retirement. With their expert guidance, I have the financial freedom I needed to enjoy my retirement to the fullest."
Age 70
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"I'm forever grateful for the professional, compassionate, and expedient support I received with Settle. Their platform and service made this a breeze. Thank you greatly."
Age 77
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How much can I get for selling my life insurance policy?

We’ve helped clients get between $25,000-$500,000 by selling their life insurance policies (a life settlement). Several factors will determine the value of your policy including your age, face value of the policy, type of policy, and how much you’ve paid in premiums. Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

How old do I need to be to sell my life insurance policy?

Typically, we work with people aged 65 and above who are looking to stop making monthly payments and supplement their retirement savings with a cash payout. However, we’ve worked with people as young as 35. Let’s chat and see how we can help.

Is there a cost to speak with an advisor?

Of course not! We will discuss how a life settlement may work for you personally, give you an estimated cash offer, and answer any questions you have to make a confident decision - all for free, no strings attached.

Does Settle work with insurance agents and financial advisors?

Yes! We work with agents and advisors to get their clients top dollar for their clients’ life insurance policies.

How does Settle make money?

If you choose to sell your policy, we receive a fee from our investor network. You pay no commissions or fees when selling your policy.

Who is the team behind Settle?

Headquarted in Fort Worth, Settle is built by a group of forward-thinking wealth management and technology experts that are passionate about helping the 1.4M people who let their life insurance policy lapse each year. We know how important having enough money in retirement is, and we’re on a mission to enhance 1 million people’s retirements by 2030.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to and schedule a consultation.
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*The Life Settlement Estimate Calculator provided on this website is intended to provide an estimate of the potential value of a life insurance policy and is not a guarantee of the actual value that a policy may receive in a life settlement transaction.